Give your kids some chores

Give your kids some chores
2 November, 2019 Grimm
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I have two boys and from a very young age I have always given them chores to do around the house, from simple things like picking up their toys, feeding the pets , putting laundry in the washing machine to harder work like cleaning the windows, floor or clearing the table after dinner.

Even if I didn’t need the help or if it takes longer because I have to re-wash the dishes.
I want them to learn responsibility and gain important life skills that will help them when they are older.

I find they have become more aware of the messes they make because they’re job is to clean up around the house, and more respectful of the work that goes into maintaining a home.
Working together they’ve learnt to communicate and developed respect and strong teamwork.

Most importantly they are having fun! Anything to do with washing or cleaning means playing with water and tiding up is a race to who can fill the box quickest !

So don’t think it as a chore but a way for your kids to learn and have fun

Lead Teacher-Miss Andrea

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