10+ Game

The 10+ Game is our first innovative game product that has infinite ways to play by encouraging players to invent their own games. It is the beginning of the inventive journey of co-creating a world of kid-centric designs.

10+ Game includes 48 image cards, 4 inventive cards and 2 instruction cards. There are 10 suggested ways for players to start with, players may also use the inventive cards as the first step to invent their very own rules and start designing and playing in infinite ways.

Our first Kickstarter campaign in Oct 2020 was a success. During our 30-day campaign, we have reached the goal by 266% and quickly became “Project we Love” by Kickstarter. The 10+ Game is now available in 9 locations of Bookazine stores in Hong Kong and on our website (10plusgame.com).


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