About Us

“ohmykids is merely there to build platforms for kids to shine,

create opportunities for them to be inspired,

and generate more followers for this kids empowerment movement.”

Big change
created by small things

ohmykids is started by 3 dreamers who trust in kids and want to show the world kids can make an impact too.

We started from a small team running summer programs to a bigger team running kids empowered campaigns all year round.

Trust is key

We believe in our team, like you should believe in your kids.
They might not know anything when they started out,
but they could easily outsmart you if you would just give them a chance.
Our brilliant team has built the following projects if you don’t believe us.

Our role is empowering kids

Kids can do so many things nowadays thanks to the internet, they can learn, be inspired, create and give back to the world. If you don’t believe us there are a bunch of kids already doing some amazing things out there right now.

Designed maze against Hong Kong skyline

by Sirius Yip | Hong Kong

Started school strike to fight climate change

by Greta Thunberg | Sweden

Built a business making lemonade while saving bees

by Mikaila Ulmer | United States

If you want to be a part of the kids empowering movement, talk to us now.