ohmykids playground

This project was hatched by the dream of building the most kids-friendly playground. Why not ask the users what they want and how they want to build it?

In the first year of 2017, we invited Jay, a 7-year-old play designer, to build his dream playground together with 30 more kids and their families. We also cooperated with Wood-Tech Creative Centre to provide on-site Woodworking Workshop for newcomers too.

The following year 2019, we further scaled up the ohmykids playground by building the first-ever kids-designed maze. Yuk, a 8-year-old maze fever, who has completed over 1,000 maze drawings, helped us design a complex maze using bamboo and other natural materials as fun obstacles. We also invited students from Baptist Rainbow Primary School to design another featured play zone creatively using old car tyres. It is our passion to let kids be the builders of their own playground.

ohmykids playground attracted more than 10,000 footprint in just 5 short hours.

Client:West Kowloon Cultural District