ohmykids adventure in the City

Kids adventure is one of ohmykids’ signature events. The adventure is a tour guided by kids and then parents become little assistants who only support when needed. Participants have to navigate through the venue and discover all specially curated checkpoints, in order to complete the mission within a specific time.

In the past years, we have designed and curated various kids adventure tour for different partners. Each of them has a versatile and customisable theme that fulfills different needs or communicates some designated messages .

DD24 x ohmykids – Imagine the City
– Community Exploration

The Mills x ohmykids – The Mills Reborn
– Cultural Conservation

West Kowloon Cultural District x ohmykids – Freespace Little Stage Managers
– Introducing performing arts

Through these highly engaging tours, we hope to create memorable experiences for kids and families. But most importantly, we encourage parents to let go of their kids’ hands for that 60 minutes and let them take on the role as the little explorers and be rewarded by their own experiential discovery which they will remember for life.