ohmykids adventure in the City

DD24 x ohmykids – Imagine the City

The trust challenge between parents and kids is on! Wan Chai tours led by kids and parents become tourists. Guided by courageous kids, the participants will walk through the Wan Chai district where old meets new: from pre-war buildings and heritage to modern architecture and public space, finally arrive at the designated spot to complete the mission within specific time. Let the little urban planners free their imagination and construct the ideal living space!

The Mills x ohmykids – The Mills Reborn

West Kowloon Cultural District x ohmykids – Freespace Little Stage Managers

This role-play workshop is specially designed to introduce children to the behind-the-scenes world of performing arts production. Acting as assistant stage managers, participants work in groups to tackle a variety of tasks that help them learn about stage setup, lighting design, sound effects and quick costume changes. Through the tasks, the children also explore the Freespace venue and learn fun facts about performing arts.

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